We Make It Easy

Interested in working with us to produce a great adoption profile? We describe the process as “adoption profiles made easy.” Here’s an overview of how it’s done.

Spend a little time perusing this website to see what we offer. Visit Our Work, where you will find a large number of the profiles we have created. All are available to view as full-size PDFs. Also check out Our Templates for more design possibilities. Make a note of which profiles you like best, so that you can share that with us later, when you place your order. In this way, we will know how to design your profile. Your profile will be customized according to your wishes.

Place your order. Once Adoption Profiles by Design receives your order, we will send you an online folder (usually a Dropbox folder) into which you will put copies of your files (photos and text). We also send a Guide for Creating Your Profile, which has a lot of tips for generating your copy and selecting your photos. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions.

Send us your photos and text. Photos: If your profile is going to be printed, it is important to send us the largest image files that you have, preferably nothing smaller in size than 500K. For the smaller images, try to choose photos that are at least 500K. For the best quality in print, a minimum size of 1.5 MG is even better, and if your photos are larger, that’s ideal! (Don’t reduce the size so that they will send faster. It may take longer to copy into your Dropbox folder, but it will be worth it.) For the larger images (for example, on the cover) choose the very largest photos you have — 10MG to 20MG is not too big. If some of your photos are as small as 200K, but you’d really like to include them, send them anyway; we are happy to assess each photo individually. If, however, you have a photos smaller than 200K, it’s not likely they will reproduce properly in print – you will have to skip those. We ask that you name your images with the captions you wish to appear in your profile. A typical four-page profile contains between 15 and 25 photos. Text: The text for a typical four-page profile runs between 1100 and 1500 words. The length of a longer profile will vary, depending on the number of photos. It can range from 1500 words up to 3000.

Sit back, relax and wait for your first proof. Our service is not like the “do-it-yourself” photo books widely available online. We do the work for you. Once you have copied the files of your for photos and text into the Dropbox folder (and emailed us to let us know everything is now in there), we complete a layout and then send a proof for your review. At that time, we can make any adjustments you might desire, and then send another proof. When you are satisfied with everything, you will give us the go-ahead. At that time, if you are having your profile printed, we will send the file for printing and then deliver the printed pieces to you and/or your agency. By the way, we work with a wonderful print shop that provides a top-quality product quickly and affordably. If you need just a PDF, we will email that to your agency and to you.

That’s it! And remember… contact us anytime.


An expert’s recommendations of what to include in your profile’s content
We work with a wonderful adoption expert who understands the process of open adoption inside and out. She recommends making sure your copy includes the following:
• Why you want to adopt — how long you have been thinking about adoption?
• Your interests and personality: How long have been married? What you do for work? Do you attend church? Is religion a large part of your life?
• What makes your family unique? Do you travel? Have pets? Have hobbies?
• How do you feel about openness in adoption?
• What are your hopes and dreams for your family, including this child?
• Your childcare plans — will you work full-time, part-time or stay at home?
• Any personal experiences with adoption, and how those experiences may have impacted your decision to become a parent through adoption.
• What do you want the birthparents to know/understand about you?
• A smile in every photo! (extremely important)
• Always use positive adoption language such as “making an adoption plan for your child” and never “giving up your baby” or “put up your baby.”
• Lastly, remember to include contact information!

The Process at a Glance

Working with Adoption Profiles by Design:

  • Spend some time perusing this website and getting familiar with our layouts.
  • Call or email with any questions – anytime during the process.
  • Complete an online order form.
  • Watch your email for access to a Dropbox folder where you will copy your digital photos and text.
  • Read the Guide for Creating Your Profile, which we email to you just after sending the Dropbox folder.
  • Copy your photos and text into the Dropbox folder, and then send us an email to let us know the copying is complete.
  • Sit back while we complete your layout. Expect a proof in three to four days.
  • Review your proof and tell us your minor editorial changes, if any. (Repeat as needed.)
  • Okay a final proof, after which we prepare your profile for printing and/or online use.

Before we start your profile:

  • Check with your adoption agency for any requirements they have for the profile.
  • Gather your photos. Take more as needed. (The Guide has lots of great ideas.)
  • If your profile is to be printed, make certain photos are large enough for print. (See more information about photo size on this page or in the Guide.)
  • Name your photos with their captions.
  • Compose your text:
    • Start your text with a Dear Birthparent letter – spontaneous and from the heart.
    • Organize the rest of your text into five or more main sections that describe your family and life. (See the Guide for some good ideas.)
    • Consider also including our expert’s content recommendations included on this webpage.
  • Read your profile out loud to your spouse or another friend or family member — a great technique for identifying problems in your text — and then correct any problem areas.