Adoption Profiles by Design is proud to report that we have never received a complaint. All of our clients have been very pleased with their profiles. Happy clients makes us happy, too.

Here are a few samples of the comments we receive:

“I wanted to send you a quick update regarding our adoption process. …Long story made very short, we were matched with a sweet baby girl who was born last Saturday. The birth mom specifically mentioned the fact that our book just really captured her. She kept saying how much she loved it. 🙂 … So please accept our very heartfelt thanks for your role in helping us get matched so quickly! We feel strongly that you helped us convey our personalities, our hobbies, and our desires for our child. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.”

[Note: This comment concerns our editing/writing service.] “You have been doing an amazing job on our profile. I just want to say thank you so much. You’re just the kindest, kindest person. Thank you so much for what you’re helping us do right now. I don’t know if you’re a firm believer in faith or not, but I feel you’re this little angel that came into our world. So thank you very, very much.”

“It looks great! It was exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!”

“That is really fast! Thanks for the update and all of your help.”

“Thank you for your kind words about our story. We really appreciate your work on our documents and the quick turnaround time.”

“It looks fantastic, Deb. Thank you!”

“You’re the best!!!”

“Thank you so much for all of your help. The profiles you made were beautiful and I appreciate all your work.”

“These look absolutely phenomenal!!! It is exactly what I envisioned in my mind.”

“Thank you for making our profile so beautiful!  We were matched three days after our homestudy was completed and our baby girl was born one week later. Her birth mom loves the profile she has to keep of our family. She mentioned how beautiful it was several times.”

“Thank you for the many options and all your hard work on these. You have an amazing talent! Joe and I opened them and I may have cried a little right away.”

“We had a great time putting it together and it is such a great representation of who we are.”