Professionally designed adoption profilesAdoption Profiles

Adoption Profiles are shared with birthparents when they are selecting a family. Adoption Profiles by Design offers booklets as an alternative to the large, do-it-yourself photo books available online. (Depending on your adoption agency’s requirements, the booklets may be as few or as many pages as you wish. Four-, eight-, and twelve-page booklets are common, especially for profiles that will be printed. If your profile is going to be displayed only online, any number of pages — three, five, six — will work.) Because the booklets are completed by a professional graphic designer, they can generally accommodate every photo and all the text that the larger books typically contain. A less expensive option than the photo books, these booklets are also easier for social workers to carry to birthparents, perhaps especially when birthparents are already in the hospital for delivery of a baby. They allow birthparents to get to know you quickly, but thoroughly. Finally, opting for a booklet frees you from much of the work involved in preparing a profile — we put it all together for you. See samples of our work here and even more profile options here.

Printed Profiles
4-page* profile: $465 (includes 40 prints)
8-page* profile: $765 (includes 40 prints)
12-page* profile: $915 (includes 40 prints)
Additional prints: $1 each when requested with the original order.
Shipping: Pricing varies (seldom over $20)
1-page profile (Required by some agencies. Includes 20 color laser prints): $100

Note: Profile pricing includes two to three rounds of editorial changes/adjustments.

Digital-Only Profiles (PDF format)
4-page* profile: $395
8-page* profile: $695
12-page* profile: $845

Online Posting of Your Profile $45
For sharing on Facebook and Twitter or via Email (See a sample here.)

*4-, 8-, and 12-page profiles are standard, but we are happy to produce profiles of any length you desire.

Writing and Editing

For most people, writing is hard, particularly if they do not write often. At Adoption Profiles by Design, we have a lot of experience writing and editing, and we are more than happy to help you with this part of your profile. Writing and editing are closely aligned with graphic design: both involve managing text to improve communication.

For assistance with your writing, choose from the following three options. Your agency may have a recommendation for how much writing and editing assistance they feel you would benefit from.

Light Editing ($50)
Our light editing service corrects spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation. Samples of the types of errors we resolve include: subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, use of “that” when “who” is needed, use of “can” instead of “may,” confusing subordinate clauses, and accidental repetition of a word, phrase or sentence.

Heavy Editing ($150)
Our heavy editing service includes all of the above, plus:
• Repositioning and rewriting sentences to improve transitions and increase readability, while maintaining the meaning and sentiment of what you have written.
• Converting passive voice to active.
• Eliminating wordiness and inappropriate jargon.

Writing ($250)
With our writing service, we spend an hour or more on the phone conducting an interview and then compose the copy for you. A great profile absolutely requires the adoptive family’s own spontaneous, heartfelt words, because your profile is a very personal expression of who you are and what you hope for. Therefore, even when we compose the text for you, we use the words you give us during the interview. You will have complete control over the final version, of course, since you will receive and review two to three proofs of your profile, giving you ample opportunity to adjust the copy as you wish.

Adoption Profile handout cardsPostcards / Handout Cards

Postcards (both print and electronic) can help you network for adoption possibilities.* Send them to family, friends and co-workers to let them know you are ready to adopt, and to ask them informally for referrals and encourage them to spread the word. When a family makes a connection/match on their own, it’s called an identified adoption. Those matches should still flow through your agency so they can make sure everything is done correctly.

Printed Postcards
Adoptive parents may use the printed postcard as a mailer to their address book in an effort to generate an identified match. Printed postcards may also be used as hand-out cards.

Electronic Postcards
Adoptive parents who wish to use email or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may want to consider an electronic postcard. See a sample here.

*Please check with your adoption agency to make sure this form of outreach is supported in your state.

50 printed postcards: $130
75 printed postcards: $140
100 printed postcards: $145
Shipping: $10
Electronic postcard: $100 ($30 if printed postcard also ordered) See a sample here.