Heartfelt Spirit - Springtime Art

Heartfelt Spirit - Diamond Art

About the “Heartfelt Spirit” Adoption Profile Concept

“Heartfelt Spirit” captures the tenderness that adoptive parents experience when awaiting the arrival of their new child. The “note to our child” on page 4 pops out, representing all that you are feeling as you anticipate the addition to your family.

Three styles of artwork are available: the two shown above, and a third shown in the slideshow below.

A Closer Look

On a larger screen (desktop or laptop), you may navigate through the slides below by clicking on the dots at the right-hand side of the black bar. On mobile devices, move through the layout by swiping left or right; for best results, use the wide view on a smartphone or tablet. (Note: The final slide shows a coordinating one-page profile, which is required by some adoption agencies.)

  • Adoption Profiles - Concept 6 Page 1
  • Adoption Profiles - Concept 6 Pages 2 and 3
  • Adoption Profiles - Concept 6 Page 4
  • Adoption Profiles - Concept 6 Coordinating One-Page Profile

If you select the “Heartfelt Spirit” concept the copy count is approximately 6200 characters / 1135 words — 20% more or less is not a problem. We will make whatever adjustments may be necessary so that your story works.

Customize Our Adoption Profiles

No matter which concept you choose, customization is always possible. We offer a variety of additional color combinations, as well as a wide assortment of cover options. Do visit our Overview page for complete information. When you are ready to order, just fill out our simple order form.

As an adoptive parent, developing new profile designs is a delight and a joy. I hope you like this one as much as I do.