Professionally Designed Profiles

The truly professional graphic designer understands that design is not about “making things pretty.” Design is intended to make your document communicate successfully. Interestingly, documents that communicate well usually happen to also be “pretty.” Your professionally designed adoption profile will be beautiful.

As a family hoping to adopt a baby, especially in an open adoption, your successful communication with birthparents depends greatly on your adoption profile.

In designing adoption profiles, our number one goal is to accurately capture the appeal of your family and the love you have for the birthparents and their child, and this is what will make your adoption profile the best it can be.

We do not write your copy – your heartfelt words are essential to the best communication. We are happy to provide editing, however, to make sure your copy is the best it can be Learn more here. The photos that you love best will be the ones you will want to include because these also enhance communication. Once you’ve placed your order, we provide a “Guideline for Preparing Your Profile” with tips for choosing the best photos, in terms of both content and quality. The graphic design elements that you select will reflect your family’s style.

When your heartfelt words, photos and graphic style come together in an easily readable format, you will not only have an effective means of reaching birthparents, but something your family will treasure forever. That is the essence of a professionally designed adoption profile.

We’ve been providing adoption profiles for quite a while now, and a good majority of those we have served are now parents. We have no doubt that you will succeed as well.

Visit our Overview page for complete information, or find specific information about each of our basic templates as well as the additional color themes and cover options we offer under The Profiles.