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Why Postcards?

Postcards (both print and electronic) can help you network for adoption possibilities. Send them to family, friends and co-workers to let them know you are ready to adopt, and to ask them informally for referrals and encourage them to spread the word. When a family makes a connection/match on their own, it’s called an identified adoption. Those matches should still flow through your agency so they can make sure everything is done correctly.

Printed Postcards

Adoptive parents may use the printed postcard as a mailer to their address book in an effort to generate an identified match. See samples in the slideshow above. Printed postcards may also be used as hand-out cards.

Electronic Postcards

Adoptive parents who wish to use email or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may want to consider an electronic postcard. See a sample here.

Please check with your adoption agency to make sure this form of outreach is supported in your state.