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Starting here at the “Overview” page, get a quick glimpse of all our adoption profile concepts, as well as additional covers and color themes. Each of the themes shown in the slideshow below is identified in the black bar at the bottom of the slide. You will find more details about each concept in the text below, as well as information about how the process works and how to place an order. If one particular concept appeals to you, discover more about that concept under the menu heading “The Profiles” above — a drop-down menu allows you immediate access to a page devoted entirely to each profile, and that page includes a larger view of the profile, too. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Adoption Profiles are shared with birthparents when they are selecting a family.
Adoption Profiles by Design offers the booklets shown here as an alternative to the large, do-it-yourself photo books available online. (Depending on your adoption agency’s requirements, the booklets may be as few or as many pages as you wish. Four-, eight-, and twelve-page booklets are common, especially for profiles that will be printed. If your profile is going to be displayed only online, any number of pages — three, five, six — will work.) Because the booklets are layed out by a professional graphic designer, they can generally accommodate every photo and all the text that the larger books typically contain. A less expensive option than the photo books, these booklets are also easier for the social workers to carry to birthparents, perhaps especially when birthparents are already in the hospital for delivery of a baby. They allow the birthparents to get to know you quickly, but thoroughly. Finally, opting for a booklet frees you from much of the work involved in preparing a profile — though you do, of course, still need to write your copy and prepare photos. We put it all together for you.

Some General Guidelines for Your Adoption Profile
Start your copy with a “Dear Birthparent” letter. Don’t be too general. Don’t try to write an “all purpose” letter to please all birthparents — remember, you want the right match. Remember to address your letter “Dear Birthparent,” not “Dear Birthmother.”
Be spontaneous in your writing, and take the time to make it from the heart.
To choose you, birthparents need to get to know you, so open up about your life, and how you would envision life with this child.

Your Photos
The old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very much the case. Please take care with your photos. If you are taking photos, take them at the highest resolution possible on your camera. If you are scanning photos, scan them to a size that is about 4X as large as you would envision them appearing. If you are selecting digital photos by viewing them on your computer screen, keep in mind that the largest size they will print at is about one-fourth (24%) of what you see on the screen. (Often that is large enough; however, if what you see on your screen is two inches square, for example, the largest it can reproduce in print is a half-inch square, which is, of course, too small.)

Note: You may navigate through the slides above by clicking on the dots at the right-hand side of the black bar. On touch-screen devices, just swipe to the right or the left to move through the slides.

The Layouts
Adoption Profiles by Design offers several layouts, and all may be customized according to your preference. We offer additional cover options, shown in the slideshow above, as well as many color themes. We are more than happy to work with you on further customizations as well. Current offerings include:

Sweet Joy The concept we call “Sweet Joy” offers playful, yet subtle, graphics and lots of background color. Get a closer view and learn more about this concept here.

Lovely Simplicity “Lovely Simplicity” offers three small sidebar areas for little extras you may want to include. For example, in this sample the adoptive parents included lists of their strengths for parenting on pages 2 and 3, as well as a comment on their views about adoption on page 4. Get a closer view and learn more about “Lovely Simplicity” here.

Clean & Fresh Two cover options and a very clean interior. If you are familiar with Apple’s photo books — and admire their clean and beautiful design — this is the concept for you. Get a closer view and learn more about “Clean & Fresh” here.

Heartfelt Spirit “Heartfelt Spirit” provides very distinct areas for each aspect of your story. Beautiful colors and typefaces make this a favorite. Three options are available, each employing unique accent art and colors. Get a closer view and learn more about “Heartfelt Spirit” here.

Polaroid Fun The “Polaroid Fun” layout introduces a little more whimsy and some slightly brighter colors. Small highlight sections may be utilized — here, the adoptive parents highlighted their favorite qualities about one another. Get a closer view and learn more about “Polaroid Fun” here.

Positivity Pleasing This layout is super flexible. Based on a five-column grid, it employs a “sidebar” in the right-hand column on every page. That allows you to highlight all the things that are most important to you or that reveal the most about you and your life. Learn more about this special template.

Easy Charm “Easy Charm” is indeed a charming layout. Visit the detail page to learn more and to see additional cover options for this delightful layout.

Effortless Elegance Your name in a free-spirited script, surrounded by three of your strongest photos. Get a closer view and learn more about Effortless Elegance here.

Additional cover options are available, with some shown in the slideshow above. View or download a PDF of some of our additional cover options. NOTE: iPad users will see more accurate renderings of color here.

If there is a concept that you like, but you might prefer different colors we have a full suite of color themes available. See them here, and then let us know in the “special instructions” area of your order.

To Place an Order
To place an order, simply complete the order form, and you will receive instructions on how to prepare and submit your files. Once all your files have been submitted, we will begin work on your profile. You will receive an electronic invoice within a day or two. Expect your first proof within no more than one week (often only two or three days). Once you have approved your layout, allow one week for printing (once again, it is often done faster than that).

How To Prepare Your Photos and Text
• Name your images with the caption you wish to appear in your profile. Shorter captions work best, and this way there is no confusion about which caption belongs with which photo.
• Make sure your images are large enough for print. Often, photos that display beautifully on your computer screen will not be large enough for printing. (See “Your Photos.”) For the smaller images, try to choose photos that are at least 500K. For the best quality in print, a minimum size of 1.5 MG is even better, and if your photos are larger, that’s ideal! (Don’t reduce the size so that they will send faster. It may take awhile to upload, but it will be worth it.) For the larger images (for example, on the cover) choose the very largest photos you have — 10MG to 20MG is not too big. If some of your photos are as small as 200K, but you’d really like to include them, send them anyway; we are happy to assess each photo individually. If, however, you have a photos smaller than 200K, it’s not likely they will reproduce properly in print – you will have to skip those. (For even more information, see “Your Photos,” also on this page.)
• Do your best to make sure your copy is accurate. We include two rounds of small copy edits in the basic pricing, but major editing can incur additional costs. (This is usually not an issue, but we like to mention it up front.)
• To send your files, put them all in the Dropbox folder we supply to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.