Adoption Profile

Adoption Profile
General guidelines for four-page profiles: Number of words: 1100 to 1600. Number of photos: 15 to 25. Name your photos: with the captions you’d like to appear with them

About the “Clean & Fresh” Adoption Profile Concept

“Clean & Fresh” makes the most of your wonderful photographs, starting with a strong cover (two options available). If you are a fan of Apple’s photo books, this is the layout for you.

A Closer Look

On a larger screen (desktop or laptop), you may navigate through the slides below by clicking on the dots at the right-hand side of the black bar. On mobile devices, move through the layout by swiping left or right; for best results, use the wide view on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Adoption Profiles - Concept 4 Covers
  • Adoption Profiles - Concept 4 Interior

Customize Our Adoption Profiles

No matter which concept you choose, customization is always possible. We offer a variety of additional color combinations, as well as a wide assortment of cover options. Do visit our Overview page for complete information. When you are ready to order, just fill out our simple order form.

No matter which of our adoption profiles you choose, we are honored to be a part of your adoption journey. We understand the joy and work involved, and fully intend to make the process just a bit easier for you.