Deb and Lena at the park

A Note From Deb Slater, the Designer
My adopted daughter, Lena, is the light of my life. When I started Adoption Profiles by Design, I instantly connected to the heartfelt words and cherished photographs sent by adoptive families for their profiles. Every adoption profile, to me, is part of an act of love. I could not have more respect for and identification with the adoptive family clients we serve. I want all your adoption dreams to come true.

A Note From Barb Kneipp, the Administrator
I’m retired, but I assist Deb in administering Adoption Profiles by Design. I’ve long been a believer that love can change the world, so this is great work for me. I have actually been brought to tears by the adoptive profiles I’ve read, and working with the adoptive family clients is a constant joy.

Our Philosophy
We believe that the assistance some adoptive families need in creating their adoption profiles should be affordable, and have sought to keep our prices reasonable while keeping our quality very high. We also believe in providing the fastest turnaround possible so that you can get on with your adoption journey without delay.

Our Credentials
Deb Slater has been in graphic design for over 25 years and her skills run the gamut — from print (magazines, newsletters, brochures, advertising, books and more) to digital (websites, email marketing) to content (writing, editing, proofreading). Her clients have ranged from large universities and hospitals to individuals writing their first book. Her recent involvement with an adoption agency led to the formation of Adoption Profiles by Design — a venture that allows her to use her skills in an area near and dear to her heart.